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  • Ravi Raja:

    Hi Akka..

    inni items petaav edi start cheddamo ardam kavadam ledu…
    food images choostunte edupu vastundi naaku recepie items konne dorukutunnai

  • madhavi:

    nice recipes

  • vishali:

    Namaste siri gaaru….
    mee blog maaku chaalaa helpfulga undi.can u post few receipes for Toddlers and kids. Many thanks.

  • Hi , i required Oats meal tiffins like masala oats and other receipes
    please inform me through this site

  • Naresh:

    Hi Siri garu. So nice to see the andhra receipes in USA. Great work by you. Thank U so much for the site and ur Interest

  • khaja:

    your blog is good excellent….

  • sowdamini:

    hi mam very nice recipes

  • sowdamini:

    please add cookres n cakes for me

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