cabbage senagapappu kura / cabbage with chana dal curry



Cabbage chana dal curry is very tasty curry..i got this recipe from my mother...she cooks very well..usually many of us dont like much to eat cabbage..but curry made in this type is very tasty...try it once n see..u will enjoy...when guests come for mom used to prepare this curry along with other curries...Thank you  amma for giving me good cabbage


cabbage 500gms (approximately)

chana dal  /  pachi senagapappu  1/2 cup
green chillies 4 to 5 ( based on ur spicyness)
curry leaves
redchillies 2 to 3
garlic cloves 3

ginger small piece
mustard seeds 1 tspn
cumin seeds 1tspn
turmeric powder 1/2 tspn
salt to taste
add 3 to 4 tspns of oil.
chop the cabbage and boil it to in pan  until half cooked...don't add oil  or water to cabbage while cooking...add little salt to the chopped cabbage and reduce the flame to sim and cover the cooking pan with lid.
Add small ginger pieces to that chopped cabbage while cooking to avoid the raw smell of cabbage.
When the cabbage is half the flame and let it cool down..when it cools..squeeze the water from the cabbage by  pressing in your palm and keep aside..
chana dal also should be add water in a small vessel and  chana dal and little salt to it and bring to boil..chana dal need not to be very smooth ..3/4th  cooking of dal is enough..when we press the dal with our nail it should be soft..
these chana dal and cabbage should be boiled separately and keep aside..
Heat kadai..add oil..when the oil is hot..add crushed garlic to the oil..let it sauté for 3 add red chilli,mustard and cumin seeds and sauté till the mustard seeds pop add chopped onions (* here to this curry onions are optional...its up to ur wish) ,green chillies,curry leaves and sauté it for  1  and half add ginger garlic paste(optional)..sauté it for a minute and the turmeric powder ..stir it well and add the squeezed cabbage and boiled chana dal, add salt..stir it well and cover the kadai with lid and let it cook for 10  to 15 minutes in that the cabbage will absorb the spices and also it cooks to soft...
here we usually don't add red chilli powder, so the spiciness to the curry is getting from green chillies and red chilies we use them more to get the enough case if the spice is not enough in curry u can add red chilli adding red chilli powder curry turns to red..this curry will be in yellowish color...

(refer the above albums for get clear view)

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  • sandhya:

    oh good explanation..thanku

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