Idli is one of the best breakfast which is very easy to make , very healthy , with fewer calories ..but to make a soft idli is really challenging to the first time learners..though it is very easy..I wrote long long post here including all the tips I know about making idli..hope these will be useful to u






Urad dal wash (chaya minappapu / pottu leni miappappu) will make work easy as u need not require to wash the dal after soaking to remove the black  cover of the dal or husk of the dal.

Idli ravva is not the normal cream of’s the ravva of parboiled its impoertant to take idli ravva only..not the  normal cream of rice.


  • Soak urad dal  n idli ravva separately  for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.
  • After enough time of soaking..wash the urad dal n ravva separately.
  • Grind the urad dal into very fine paste.
  • Now  completely squeeze water from the washed idli ravva n add it to the urad dal paste..mix it well n leave it for over night or atleast 3 to 4 hours to ferment.
  • After couple of hours..add enough salt to the idli batter n mix it well n u r good to go to make idlis.
  • Take idli plates , apply little ghee or oil in the moulds of the idli plates..pour the enough batter into each idli plate ..stack the plates one upon the other..


If u grind  urad dal in a wet grinder  then the paste will be too good n u will also get more quantity then u grind in a mixie.

If u grind in a mixie add a pinch of bakng soda to the batter after grinding to get soft n pluffy idlis.

Making idli with idli cooker:-

  • make idli with idli cooker makes life easy…just add 1 glass of water to the bottom of the cooker n place the batter filled idli paltes into the cooker n cover it ..keep the flame for high for 5 to 6  minutes n lower the flame to sim for 10 minutes..that’s it ur done with idlis
  • After offing the flame ..waite for some time before opening the idli cooker lid or else it will be too hot

Making idlis in pressure cooker

  • We can also make idlis in pressure cooker if we have idli plates..just add one glass of water in the cooker n place this idli plates in the cooker n close the not keep the whistle on the cooker…let it cook on high flame for 5 to 6minutes n lower the flame to sim for 10 more minutes n off the flame.


Before removing idli from plates..just to make sure that idli is cooked well..touch the idli with ur finger..if the idli sticks to ur finger means it needs few more minutes to cook.

While removing hot hot idlis to serving plate..if u want to remove with hand..keep a small bowl of  cold water beside the u can  dip ur finger in cold water before removing each that ur finger wont burn due to hot idlis.

Remove the hot idlis to a serving plate n serve with sambar /chetney / karam podi.

Before serving hot idlis apply a bit of ghee to the top of every idli so that the taste will be doubled. Smile

Not all like the fermented idlis …in my home they love to make idlis right away after making batter..they enjoy the fresh idlis with a nice aroma where it is quite different in my in-law's home..they compulsory want the batter to be depends on their taste.

You can preserve the idli batter in fridge for 10 days…I personally love the fresh idlis  (not fermented ones) as soon as I make the batter ..I will take the enough better to make idlis for the time n store the remaing one in a tight container n keep it in fridge.


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5 Responses to “IDLI /ANDHRA IDLI”

  • sandhya:

    Nice post. I follow the same procedure. I pressure cook my idly, but it takes more than 15 mins. Pls help with that.

  • Revathi:

    Nice post on idli making.

    Now a days my idli colour changing a lot. I am following same procedure for making idli from last 10yrs. But never colour changed. After 3,4 days of grinding idli batter, batter colour remains same white like first day batter colour but when i keep them in idli cooker and check the outcome it will be brown in colour. Why it is happening??? Never happened earlier like this!! If it happens then everything getting wasted. Noone at home will eat those idli. I have checked and had those idlis also. Only colour in brown but taste is good and no sourness at all. We do not know when it will turn brown in colour. If it is batter changing colour then we can avoid making idli but here batter remains white and idli only changing in colour at the same time taste will be good and no sourness at all.

    Can you please help me where is the mistake???

    Now a days doing less quantity grinding but when we use wet grinder then doing in small quantity will not be useful when at home minimum 6 members at there.

    I am using whole round urad dhal and idly rawa ratio 1:2 . I will soak overnight and early morning grind the batter and fermentation also required quantity of batter i will keep outside and remaining batter i keep in fridge. after 5,6 days remaining batter directly we can make idli without fermentation.

    kindly help me.

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